How To Use Flannel Boards

How To Use Flannel Boards The flannel board happens to be an inexpensive and versatile part of any home playroom or preschool classroom. You will find these available in plenty at the teacher supply stores. You will also find it very easy to make flannel boards by making use of easy to find materials.

You do not need to have too much space in your room so as to incorporate a flannel board. Your children shall enjoy using a flannel board of any size. You can mount the board on the wall. You could also keep a portable board at hand for using it in the car, on a table or on a chair.

Important Steps For Using The Flannel Board

Mount The Board Securely

One of the first and most important how to use flannel boards, is to mount the board on a wall in a secure fashion. By doing so, you will ensure that the board does not move even when the children are pushing on it. If you happen to be using a portable and smaller sized flannel board then you should ensure that the back of the board is free from wires, hooks and other kind of sharp objects which could injure you as well as your children. You need to make sure that the back of the portable flannel board is as smooth as possible.

Cut Out Shapes And Images

The next important how to use flannel boards step is to cut out shapes from felt pieces. You could begin with basic shapes such as hearts, numbers, letters and stars. You could also cut out pictures from the magazines and then laminate these. Then place a small amount of glue at the back of the laminated pictures and cutouts and place these next to flannel board.

Demonstrate How To Use The Flannel Board

The how to use flannel boards step would make it easier for you to demonstrate the way in which the flannel board should be used. You also need to show how the different pieces which are going to be pasted on the flannel board should be handled. By showing your children the correct way in which the flannel board should be used, you will prevent the flannel board from being misused.

Press Cutouts Or Images On The Flannel Board

Take one of the cutouts or laminated pieces and then press these over the flannel board very gently. This is the next vital how to use flannel boards step which you need to carry out. You need to teach your children to be careful when removing the images or cutouts from the flannel board as rough actions might result in the flannel covering getting damaged.

Ask Your Children For Their Ideas

The final how to use flannel boards step would be for you to remove the cutouts and then ask your children to put forward their ideas regarding the use of the flannel boards.

Thus, in order to teach your students how to use the flannel board in a proper manner, you need to carry out these important how to use flannel boards steps.

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