How To Pursue Oracle Certification

How To Pursue Oracle Certification If you are planning to pursue an Oracle certification program then here is the basic information that you must know about Oracle.

What is Oracle Certification Program?

Oracle certification program is accredited as a substantial recognition of certain skills and experiences in the IT industry. There are stages to the certification course and each stage of certification serves as a benchmark of expertise in the field of IT. Oracle certifications are held in high esteem in the IT world and can actually be a career booster.

The certification course helps individuals pursuing a high ranking career in the IT field to authenticate skill attainment as well as training in certain aspects of IT that require distinguishing ranks of expertise.

Steps for Pursuing Oracle Certification

Ascertain the Type of Certification You Want to Pursue

Oracle certification courses can be of many types. Some of the courses offered are ‘Oracle Certified Associate program’ – meant for the junior level workers who are working with database administration or application development; ‘Oracle Certified Professional program’- this program is meant for gaining proficiency in improved application development as well as database administration; ‘Oracle Certified Master program’  is the highest proficiency program offered to leading professionals in the IT industry ; ‘Internet Application Developer’ programs along with ‘Oracle Java Developer’ programs.

Choose from the above types of Oracle certification courses and evaluate the requirements for the certification course that you wish to pursue. It is essential that you have a thorough understanding of the requirements of the course. There are candidate guides available on the net that can be downloaded for reference. These guides include discussions on the important exam topics, how to prepare for the topics and also information regarding registration of the course.

Prepare for the Exams

Once you have chosen the course, start to prepare for the certification exam. Numerous preparation options are available that include authorized mock exams from Oracle, classroom training by skilled professionals and also online training instructions. Information regarding the training resources that are available near your locality, exam details, cost and objectives of the program can be availed from the ‘Oracle Certification Program exam List’.

You can avail training for the exam course from the technical schools of the locality. These schools are also the centers for certification exams. Since Oracle certification is basically meant for professionals therefore most of the courses do not have mandatory requirements for classroom time. The basic necessity that is common to all the certification courses is the working understanding of Oracle.

For better understanding of the program, go through the various publications and manuals that are related to your certification course. One of the best ways of studying for the exams is by forming study groups. This provides a good opportunity to discuss and clear all doubts regarding the study materials for your course.

Once you successfully complete the exam, you will be sent a mail by the Oracle authority. The mail will contain your pass certification which can be used for your career advancement.

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