How To Prepare Class Notes

How To Prepare Class Notes Preparing good class notes is very important for getting good marks in the exams. A good class note can enable the student to concentrate better in the lesson. Hence, a lot of planning and preparation needs to be done in this area. In the course of study class notes become very important vehicles for understanding the concept of the subject. A few important steps in this article will help students to write good class notes.

Preparing Class Notes- A Lot Of Concentration Is Needed

A lot of concentration is needed in preparing class notes. The students have to attend to the class with full attention for taking up the important lessons from the teacher. Then only a class note will be successful. It is essential to listen properly and ask important questions during the class for eliciting the required information. A class note should be comprehensive, suggestive and should make the students able to grasp the subjects clearly before reading the text.

Writing To- The -Point

While preparing class notes writing to –the- point is very essential. The class note is meant to capture the gist of the teacher’s lecture. The digression should be as little as possible. The points should be written down legibly for further reading and the students should be able to read them carefully afterwards.

Highlighting Important Areas

It is useful to start making class notes with alternating coloured pencils or pens. Highlighting the important points is essential. The study should be done according to the important points as this saves valuable time while re reading a class note.

Consulting Class Notes With The Text Book Notes And Making It Comprehensive

A few hours after the class note has been written it should be consulted with the class text book notes for addition of any new points that has been left out by the teacher. This makes the notes comprehensive and students find it useful while answering questions in the examinations.

Writing Speed

Writing speed is important while preparing class notes. At the same time it should be noted that writing legibly is also important. The students should feel comfortable while reading the notes afterwards. The notes should delve with the concepts and the writing speed should be such that it includes all the points taken up by the teacher within the class.

Focusing On Words

While preparing class notes is important to focus on word rather than on a whole sentence. This helps in clearing the concepts as well as makes re- reading meaningful.

How To Use A Class Note Optimally

To make a class note optimal the students should revise and re –write several times before the exam . The process itself involves concentration so that the students are able to grasp the concepts easily before the commencement of the exam. A good concept makes a student able to get good marks in the exam.

Making class notes should be a part and parcel of the study process. The students should fully develop the art of making class notes for improving their scope of scoring good marks in the exams.