How To Become An Ultrasound Technician

How To Become An Ultrasound Technician Ultrasound is a technique through which high frequency sound wave can be sent within a body which gives a three dimensional picture of once inner body. This is basically used in case of judging health condition of a developing baby inside the womb; to judge swelling, pain, infection especially in the area of liver, gallbladder, kidney, uterus, stomach etc.

Ultrasound provides a clear picture of affected area and gives a proper diagnosis of it. Ultrasound Technician mainly help doctors in diagnosing a patient’s condition. They act as a mediator between the doctor and the patient; it is important for technicians to be well aware about their work and its pros and cons, because, once they are working on a practical ground, there the performance has to be impeccable, and there will be no scope for mistakes.

Ultrasound technicians are also commonly known as sonographers. The subject is in high demand now days; people are interested in this field of work. Research shows that by 2016, majority of the hospital and medical services sectors will extensively provide job opportunities to ultrasound technicians.

As, due to booming industry belt, and development of private hospitals, there will always be job openings for the technicians; rather the demand for ultrasound technicians is expected to increase by and large, with world population crossing the 7 billion mark.

How To Become An Ultrasound Technician

Courses and Certification That Can be Availed

There are various courses and training programs available for students who are interested in the particular field of study. The courses duration varies from two to four extensive years, under many college or university. Even one year courses are available, for people who have prior working experiences in medical field. There are 147 training programs licensed under Commission for Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs.

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If you look on the practical fields all technicians are not degree holders; either they have started working under military schools or learned while assisting others in their works. Nonetheless, degree holders, who have undergone a two or four year’s degree course, generally get better job opportunities, with better pay packages, for sure.

Though employers are a little hesitant about the idea of hiring a complete fresher; a candidate with working experience in medical and nursing field are always a preferred choice. Candidates can also choose their field of specialization, like anatomy, vascular system, heart, nervous system or eye as well, which will help in reflecting their interest and area of expertise.

Compensation and Benefits

An ultrasound technician does not require any license to start the practice, so anyone who wishes to work in the respective field, with simple interest in heart and respect for the profession, can see it as prospective area of career building, hence certification are favoured by the employer in a major way. According to a survey held in United States Bureau of Labour Statistics in the year 2006, it shows that at an average, ultrasound technician are paid $57, 160 at an average; with lowest payment being around, $40000, and the highest payment received was $77000 in a year.

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