How To Become An Air Force Officer

How To Become An Air Force Officer It could be your dream to make your career in the Air Force. It is essential for you to understand that an officer holder higher rank than enlisted personnel. Not only the pay but also the responsibilities are also considerably high for an Air Force office. Air Force officer commands and trains non-commissioned members and recruits of the Air Force.

Irrespective of the office in which an officer is allotted, the key duties involve in managing, motivating, disciplining, and training the members who are recruited. Continuous implementation and learning are a part of the Air Force officer throughout the career in Air Force.

Job Details of an Air Force Officer

The key values of any Air Force officer comprises of selfless service, integrity, and passion for excellence in every work. Every Air Force officer who comes out of the training period must exhibit these characters prior to committing himself as an Air Forcer officer in charge. The training offers training as a basic training of an officer as well as a commissioned officer. To acquire the commission of officer, the trainee must undergo classroom as well as physical training and must pass in them. Normally, the training lasts for 60 days during which the training officer candidate lives in the same campus.


Though the enrollment of an Air Force official does not require any higher qualification, a degree or a specialization in a particular field is utilized while the officer is being assigned. Based on the qualification and specialization, the Air Force officer is assigned to that particular work field and thus the abilities of the officer is totally utilized by the military.

The main requirement is the physical fitness and perfect health. The records must be totally clear of any criminal activities of the past or present and must clear all the physical tests.

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Types of Air Force Officer Jobs

There are different types of officer jobs in the Air Force. Not all the Air Force officers become a pilot though it could be one of the options. There are a few non-rate officer posts. Those could be finance officer, administrative officer, legal officer, doctor, chaplain, or maintenance officer, and all these are purely based on the qualification and field of expertise.

Commitment of an Air Force Officer

An Air Force officer, once joined the service, is normally committed to serve for a minimum of 6 to 8 years and as pilot it even goes up to 10 years. The commitment also depends on the field the officer is enrolled into. After the commitment period, he may opt to continue or leave the service.

Ranking of Air Force Officers

Usually, the minimum ranking for an Air Force officer starts are O-1; next comes O-2 – Lieutenant, which is after two years; after two more years comes O-3 – Captain. At times one may join as a Captain if he or she is a medical officer or legal officer. O-4 is major, who requires at least 8 years of service; O-5 is lieutenant colonel; and O-6 is colonel. O-5 and O-6 are quite tough to reach and hence very few reach this level before they retire from service. O-8 is major general; O-9 is lieutenant general; and finally comes the O-10, which is major.