How To Be A Successful Psychologist

If you aspire to be a successful psychologist, then you need to inculcate the habit of observing people. Also concentrate on every subject that is taught right from school level as that really helps in the long run. Math strengthens your analytical abilities while science helps you think practically, and history helps you understand people better.

Languages also teach you a lot about people and their cultures. So, in short you need to be a jack of all to be a successful psychologist. Few are born geniuses, and if you are not one then there is nothing to worry. Just a wee bit of extra concentration on your subjects at high school can both train your mind and get you some good grades. Good grades are very important to get you into a good college.

Also make sure to choose your area of special interest in psychology. This is to ensure that you remain focused and don’t lose balance. You could pick few classic psychology books and start reading them even if you are in high school.

Few to name are ‘Toward a Psychology of Being’ by Abraham H. Maslow; ‘The functional autonomy of motives’ by Gordon W Allport; ‘Types of reaction’ by James Mark Baldwin and ‘The Principles of psychology’ by William James. Also try finding a title of your interest which is authored by Sigmund Freud. This Jewish-Austrian neurologist’s works can help you stay a step ahead in the field of Psychology.

  • Other than academics, one must develop a high level of patience and keen observing abilities.
  • You must also learn how to be an attentive and calm listener.
  • You must also develop yourself to be able to pick social cues quickly.
  • You need to develop the trait of listening to a subject with an unbiased mind. That’s because a murder may morally seem to be a sin to you, but you may be dealing with a patient who committed it because he was mentally ill.

As a psychologist one deals with the psyches of distinct subjects. Also your inter-personal communication skills need to be comforting, clear and reassuring. You also need to learn how to keep a secret because patients reveal their deepest secrets to a counsellor. The main challenge in this field is to be sympathetic listener and a core professional.


  • Stan_131

    Patience and observing abilities are in fact really important when you’re studying to become a psychologist. Quite an interesting profession for those willing to develop their skills in this field