How To Avail NIH Postdoctoral Grants

How To Avail NIH Postdoctoral Grants NIH or National Institutes of Health offers post doctoral grants to eligible students working in the field of health and medical sciences. An eligible candidate can avail NIH grants once he or she understands the following basic information regarding NIH.

What Does NIH Look for When Providing Grants?

NIH grants are focused on providing financial assistance to research that pertains to the enhancement of healthy living. Here are some basic criteria that the core committee of NIH looks for before offering a grant-

NIH Requested Research

The various Institutes functioning under NIH carry out scientific research programs in various fields of health. Research areas of importance are prioritized and encouraged by various NIH funding programs. ‘Funding opportunity announcements’, ’program announcements’ and ‘requests for applications’ are issued by the IC’s at regular intervals.

Unsolicited Research

There are other voluntary research and training programs that are also solicited by NIH for grants. These programs may not necessarily fall within the parameters of NIH’s target fields for funding. The research and training programs must be original and related to the scientific missions that NIH plans to achieve. Such research applications are to be submitted via the “parent announcements (PAs). The PA’s offers funding opportunities to all those research programs that cover the parameters of NIH funding mission.

Unique Research Projects

Legally, a project that is already being funded by an organization of repute cannot be funded by NIH. While the law also restricts researchers from sending the same funding application to more than one PHS at a time but in case of unique research programs, one can apply for fund grant to organizations that lie outside the PHS. The same application can be used in such cases.

Eligibility Criteria for NIH Post Doctoral Grants?

The eligibility criteria set by NIH for post doctoral grants are as follows:

The eligibility criteria for various programs that can be funded by NIH differ according to the kind and subject of research. While the basic requirement remains that the research scholar has obtained his or her last degree from a recognized college or university and is currently residing in United States.

NIH also funds foreign nationals conducting unique research on fields of health and welfare. The NIH or IC’s recommend some international and national institutes in the world and students with a valid visa and accreditation can apply for the NIH grant.

Government initiated research and those that have been featured as pioneering research programs that will influence the daily lives of people, can apply for an NIH grant. The Program Announcement, PA, and the request for application RFA will contain all the details regarding the eligibility criteria that applicants will have to fulfill.

Typically, foreign institutions and organizations, can also apply for funding research project NIH grants. However, these institutes or organizations do not stand eligible for funding from ‘Kirschstein-NRSA Institutional Research Training Grants’. There are some specific activity codes like the ‘Program Project Grants (P01)’ that will sustain the projects that have been awarded to a local institution by a foreign institution.

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