How About Building Career as Criminal Defense Attorney

Demand for criminal defense attorney has soared high chiefly because of burgeoning crime rate. Criminal defense attorneys are lawyers who defend their clients in the court of law. Their main job is to lessen the harmful consequences of their clients who face criminal accusations after their arrest. With the help of evidences, arguments and their professional expertise, they channel their entire efforts to prevent the conviction of their clients.

Criminal attorneys who are also termed as criminal lawyers are employed in various settings such as local or state courts of law, private law firms and nonprofit organizations. Below is given a brief account of various aspects of attorney career and attorney job.

Educational specification

According to norms prescribed by ABA [American Bar Association], aspiring people who want to enter the profession of defense attorney must have passed accredited law school examination. For securing admission in a law school, aspirants must hold bachelor or master degree along with sufficient LSAT scores.

While pursuing JD [Juris Doctor] degree in law school, criminal defense students study topics and subjects that include criminology, court procedure, sociology, psychology, rehabilitation and composition as well written composition.


After obtaining law school degree, willing students are required to pass the Bar exam. This exam is known as MBE [Multi-state Bar Exam]. Constituents of this exam vary from one state to another. If any candidate intends to run his or her practice in a particular state, he or she must appear at MBE in that state only. Candidates who clear the exam successfully can be eligible to earn professional license.

Some US states allow people to pick up criminal defense profession without passing or attending any law school. However, these people are required to pursue an apprenticeship program under a renowned criminal lawyer or in a top-ranked criminal defense agency.

Popular criminal defense schools in USA

Some of the most popular ABA-approved criminal defense schools found in USA include University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, South University, Capella University, Everest College and Grand Canyon University.

Annual income

Profession of criminal defense attorney in believed to be one of the most rewarding professions in United States. According to survey, average attorney salary with work experience of less than one year ranges between 46023 dollars and 69174 dollars annually. However, professionals with work experience of 20 years or more earn between 87312 dollars and 154775 dollars annually.


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