Hospitality and Tourism Career in USA

hospitality-and-tourism-car Hospitality and tourism industry has taken the shape of one of the most promising and outstanding industries of the world. The industry engages around ten percent of the entire manpower of the world. Growth rate of international travelers is very high. It is projected that the number of international travelers would touch one-billion figures in less than a decade. The industry offers both lucrative and challenging job opportunities. Therefore, hospitality and tourism career in USA has become one of the most coveted choices for the young aspirants in the country.

One aspect which makes the travel and tourism industry most attractive is its diversity. All the avenues of the tourism and hospitality industry in the USA offer opportunities to professionals belonging to different ethnic, racial and linguistic backgrounds.

Career options in hospitality industry

The industry offers career options in various positions. However, students mostly strive to obtain management degrees which assure them jobs in various directly-related or ancillary sectors which include hotels and resorts; well-ness and spa management; commercial food service and restaurants; cultural tourism; event planning and meeting; cruises, airlines and other modes of transportations and recreation, leisure and sports management.

Large number of graduates who want to build their career in hospitality and tourism in USA are recruited in the capacity of managerial positions in all the mentioned sectors. Rich experience and high expertise in the industry can take hospitality and tourism students to higher positions such as directors of tourism that functions under state governments.

Growth options in hospitality industry

The industry of food-service also offers tremendous growth options to the hospitality and tourism professionals in the USA. There is an increasing tendency among the people for outdoor dining. Study suggests that about fifty percent adults in US take at least one meal in the outdoor dining outlets everyday. This factor offers outstanding hospitality and tourism prospect in USA.

If you are a student and you want to explore wide field of hospitality and tourism, make sure to choose a comprehensive and accredited program. It would help you build your career in hospitality and tourism in USA in the best way.


  • Mariana Olivieri

    Hello, im Mariana from Venezuela, im intersted in some information about how to enter to the universities that have the career of hospitality and tourism in usa, knowing that i am an international student, thank you.