Horticulture Study Programmes in Canada

Horticulture123 Numerous study programmes in Horticultural Sciences such as Horticulture Crop Production Certificate; Diploma in Horticultural Technology; Horticultural Technician Certificate; Horticultural Therapy Diploma; BSc in Horticulture Science; MSc in Horticulture Science and PhD in Horticulture Science are available in many Canadian universities.

Most reputed Canadian universities offering courses in Horticulture Science include University of the Fraser Valley (Horticulture Crop Production Certificate); Kwantlen Polytechnic University (Diploma in Horticultural Technology); Vancouver Island University (Horticultural Technician Certificate and Horticultural Therapy Diploma) and University of British Columbia (Bachelor of Science in Agroecology in Horticulture).

Nova Scotia Agricultural College is also a renowned name in the field of Horticulture education and courses offered by the college include Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Horticulture Technology and Diploma of Technology in Environmental Horticulture Technology.

Other well known names are Redeemer University College and University of Saskatchewan. BSc Horticulture Honours and BSc Horticulture General degrees are offered at the Redeemer University College while University of Saskatchewan offers all levels of courses in Horticulture Science such as BSc in Horticultural Sciences; MSc in Horticultural Sciences and PhD in Horticultural Sciences.

Highly specialized horticulture courses such as Landscape Management, Landscape Architecture and Turfgrass Science are also available in many of the Canadian universities such as University of Guelph, University of Manitoba, University of British Columbia, Ryerson University and University of Toronto.

Major courses conducted at the University of Guelph include BSc(Agriculture) in Urban Landscape Management, BSc(Agriculture) in crop, horticulture and turfgrass science; Associate diploma in Turfgrass Management; Associate diploma in horticulture; Bachelor of landscape architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture while a Certificate in Landscape Design is available at the Ryerson University.

University of Manitoba offers Master of landscape architecture while University of British Columbia and University of Toronto are conducting programmes such as Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture.