GMAT vs. GRE: Which One is Tougher

The GMAT test

GMAT or Graduate Management Admissions Test is the qualifying exam for admission to business schools all over the world.

The GMAT test is a standardized 3 part exam which helps admissions officers select the very best of aspirants. It measures basic verbal, mathematical and analytical writing skills that an applicant is expected to have developed over the years of formal education and professional work experience.

The GRE test:

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is part of the admissions process for graduate school programs. This is not business specific like the GMAT test and is used for all types of graduate programs like psychology, computer science for that matter any domain. Some business schools are beginning to accept the GRE scores along with the GMAT but the number is very limited and the GMAT is still considered the standard and epitome for business schools.

If a comparison is drawn between the two exams, the harder one would be the GMAT. The GMAT and GRE are though very similar tests in that they both test analytical writing, math and verbal. The GMAT also tests Verbal-Critical Reasoning and Quantitative-Data Sufficiency which is not found on the GRE. The GRE contains problems on vocabulary and word relationships that the GMAT does not test on.

The math or quantitative section of the GMAT is by far the most difficult and is often a challenge as the mathematical skills usually diminish for most of the individuals at workplace. In order to regain their knowledge help should be sought from first timers.

Study guides and classroom courses are common resources used when a student prepares for the GMAT. They are important since they give an actual feel of the original test. A well defined preparation is the key to success for the preparation of such exams.

Overall business school applications are on the rise and your GMAT score has become much more important. A boost to the resume is provided by a business degree whenever the economy is on the fall since in this highly achievement oriented society it is kind of obligatory to pursue a postgraduate education.


I am an MA in English and an MBA from ICFAI. Love to write.