GMAT Preparation

Cracking the GMAT exam and getting an admission in any accredited Business school is like a dream come true.

Considering the fact that every Business school favor students that secure high score; you need to prepare well.

In this article, we will discuss some important things you should know about GMAT exam and how you can prepare well for the exam.

GMAT exam – Some Important Things

The GMAT exam is a standardized test that assesses the competence level of students for advance study in business and management course. The test is computer-driven and is developed by US-based Pearson VUE that works under the administration of Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), a non-profitable organization of graduate business schools worldwide. The GMAT test examines your Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing skills. Students have to complete the test in 4 hours. The maximum score that a student can achieve in the test is 800. The score achieved by the student remains valid for 5 years.

Once you give the exam, your result will get generated into the GMAT score format.  The GMAT score format mainly consists of 4 parts:

• Verbal Scaled Score : Consists of 41 multiple choice questions that is scored from 0 to 60 points and needs to answered within 75 minutes

Quantitative Scaled Score : Consists of 37 multiple choice questions  that is scored from 0 to 60 points and needs to answered within 75 minutes

• Total Scaled Score: Consists of a combination of Verbal and Quantitative Scaled scores that is scored from 200 to 800 points

• Analytical Writing Assessment: Consists of 2 essays, each of which need to be written within 30 minutes and is scored on a scale of 0 to 6. The student has to analyze the argument in the first essay and an issue in the second essay.

Preparing for GMAT

You might be confused, how long will it take me to prepare for the GMAT Exam? Well, friends, it is difficult for anybody to answer this for you, but, definitely, you need to plan out an effective strategy that will work for you. It is necessary that your basics Maths and English should be strong.

• Analyze yourself, and try to know what all you know and what else you need to learn. For this first of all, familiarize yourself with the concepts and topics of the GMAT exam.

• Find out an experienced instructor or join any good institute to prepare for the exam. For this, either use your social circle or spend some quality time over the internet to search for it.

• Start preparing for your exam as early as possible. Bring changes to your regular life style to take out time for your study. Try to manage your time as effectively as possible.

• Find out all the books that you need to study to crack your exam.

• If you are working anywhere, you have weekends, when you can really study seriously and can cover most of your syllabus.

• EVALUATE, EVALUATE, and EVALUATE yourself again and again. That is the best method to know your competence and weak areas where you need to focus and deliver more time.

• Practice as many Mock Tests as you can. Don’t ignore the fact that only ‘Practice Makes a Man Perfect’. This is very important as it helps you to manage your time and even making right guess while answering questions during exam time. However, it is always better that you should avoid random guessing as you may answer it wrong.

Some Tips and Tricks

Mock tests are very essential as they prepare you well for GMAT exam. While giving mock tests, spend some quality time on the first few questions, mainly first 5 questions, as they determine the type of questions that you can easily answer. These few questions will let the software know about which questions you can answer well. The software will then ask the similar questions that will help you to score better.

While giving the Exam, read the questions carefully before answering them and after giving the answer, check it twice so as to avoid any mistakes.

It is the rule of GMAT Exam that you need to answer all the questions. You cannot skip or move forth without answering the asked question.

So, friends, prepare well, remain focused, make your basic Maths and English strong and avoid random and vague guessing, use logic, tips, tricks and well-defined strategies to get higher score in the exam.