Food Critic – Job Description

There is no one on this earth who does not like to eat. While most of us are happy to remain foodies for the rest of our lives there are those who wish to take their love for food at a professional level. Such people are termed as food critics.

To become a food critic you need to do more than just eat. You should also possess flair for writing what you have tasted. A food critic must possess the ability to write well so as to make his/her critique interesting to read. However, the write ups have to be more than just articles on food. They should help the reader form an opinion of a particular ingredient, dish or restaurant.

It is important to know your food inside out. A good critic must have in depth knowledge of every ingredient used in the dish and should also educate himself on different types of foods (and their preparations) that are available beyond national and cultural boundaries. It is also important for a food critic to know how to dine and wine appropriately.

Get hands on experience in food preparation by becoming an apprentice with a professional cook. You will get in depth knowledge of the ingredients used, food preparation, presentation and serving etiquette by paying close attention. This experience will help you a long way when you begin sampling food in order to write your critiques.

As a food critic you will be required to be experimental in your eating habits. You will have to try dishes from across the globe. It is important not try the dishes with any assumptions or prejudices.

Your article should describe your in depth experience of a particular dish beginning from the presentation. Remember that eyes feast first! Hence it is important to note the color, formation and display. Once you dig your teeth into the dish don’t forget that you have to be checking for ingredients and the technique used in the preparation.

As a food critic your ultimate goal is to check the taste. If the dish does not satisfy your taste buds then creativity isn’t going to earn the chef many brownie points. Yes a lot of effort has gone into making the dish and presenting it. However, you are a food critic and critiquing is your job. So write your critique without mincing words.

If you begin writing for a magazine describing your experience in various restaurants it’s important to keep a check list. Your reader will be curious to know details like the ambience of the restaurant, types of cuisine available, dishes to try, presentation of food, staff service and of course the pricing.