Firefighter Job: An Exciting Career Option

Firefighter career, with its unique charm, draws in thousands of young career aspirants. In USA, large numbers of career-oriented people enter firefighter jobs every year. Jobs related to fire service also include fire prevention, fire investigation, fire engineering and Emergency Medical Services [EMS]. Some people enter the job for the sake of personal satisfaction. However, majority of people who serve as firefighters choose this career option because it offers high level of excitement and adventure.

Job overview

Main job responsibilities of firefighting professionals include responding to fire alarms, protecting lives of people, combating against destruction of properties and preventing as well extinguishing fires. Apart from these, their jobs also include offering emergency care to injured and sick persons, undertaking routine drill practices, maintaining firefighting equipment and getting trained in newly introduced firefighting techniques.

Popular job settings

Services of firefighting professionals are sought in both urban as well as suburban areas. Most common urban settings where services of firefighters are indispensible include chemical plants, airports and other industrial locations. In rural setting, services of firefighters require in forests and grasslands.

Educational requirement and training

Firefighter employment requires certain criteria to be fulfilled by aspiring candidates. In USA, most of the recruitments in fire services department occur in local municipal bodies. Applicants who want to enter into firefighting jobs in local bodies are generally required to pass a written test, physical stamina test, body strength test, agility test and coordination test. They are also subject to a medical examination concerning drug screening.

If you are 18-year old and you possess high school certificate or equivalent certificate, you have basic requirements for entering into firefighting profession. However, applicants with postsecondary education have advantage over applicants with mere secondary education. There is one more aspect that can play decisive role in your pursuit of a successful career in this field. It is firefighter training program. You can avail of any of the fire science training courses offered at most of the community colleges across USA.

Firefighter salary

Firefighter career offers wonderful salary structure. According to recent data collected from concerned offices in USA, median annual salary of a typical fire fighting professional is around $40,606.