Find a Fine Career in Forestry

forestry Forestry is the study and practice of managing forests and forest resources. Major branches of forestry are agro forestry, social forestry, silviculture, community forestry, commercial forestry, recreation forestry, forest surveying, forest economics and statistics, forest laws and policies, forest ecology, forest entomology, forest genetics, wood science and technology, and wild life science.

Agro forestry deals with the cultivation and preservation of forests for agricultural purposes such as for the preservation of water, soil and other natural resources whereas social forestry deals with the issues such as degradation of the natural environment, depletion of natural resources, disappearance of natural forests, extinction of wild animals and tree species, etc.  Silviculture deals with the practices to accelerate the production of forest crops and wild life.

Forestry is a good career option for the people who love to work towards the preservation and improvement of the nature and nature’s creatures. Career opportunities exist in the fields such as forest and wild life management, afforestation and natural regeneration of degraded lands, conservation of forest resources and preservation of rare flora and fauna. Major careers available are as forest range officers, forest surveyors, forest managers, national park managers, mangers of wild life sanctuaries, forest researchers and scientists, silviculturists, care takers of forest and wild life, forest economists etc.

Basic requirement to enter the filed of forestry is a relevant qualification in forestry such as a B.Sc or M.Sc in Forestry or Forest Management. Graduate level course is normally of four year duration and is offered by all major agricultural universities and forest management institutes across the globe. People with higher academic qualifications such as a PhD in Forestry or Forest Management can aspire for high profile research level jobs.

Major sectors where eligible candidates can find suitable career opportunities are in civil services through competitive examinations and in corporate firms and industries through campus recruitment programmes. Research opportunities are available in various national and international research organizations which are active in the fields of Forest Research and Wildlife Research.