Film Studies Professional Programs in Singapore

Film-Studies2 Singapore has now become a well reputed education centre for well respected academic programs across various disciplines in the Asian continent. The country is also famous for its professional programs in the different areas of film studies such as film making, digital film making and multimedia film making. These academic programs in film studies are mainly conducted at the renowned Singapore academic institutions such as Nanyang Technological University; LASALLE College of the Arts and First Media Design School.

Over the past few years, Nanyang Technological University has become a major education destination in the Asia-Pacific region for the professional qualifications in the field of digital film making. A four year duration bachelor of fine arts degree in digital film making (BFA in Digital Filmmaking) conducted at the university is a highly reputed program in film studies. This program is offered for both domestic and international career aspirants in film making as a full time regular university program. Tuition fee for this course is approximately SING $ 10, 000 per year for international students.

LASALLE College of the Arts is a major training centre for arts education in Singapore. The college also offers excellent academic programs in film studies. Two major film studies courses offered at the college are Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – Film and Master of Fine Arts in Film. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – Film is a three year duration degree program in film studies. Approximate cost of education is S$63000 for international students. Master of Fine Arts in Film is a master level qualification in film studies and duration of this program ranges between one and two years. Cost of education is approximately SING $40,800 a year for international students. Both of these programs are conducted as full time regular academic programs.

First Media Design School is a globally reputed education destination for professional qualifications in film making. A specialist diploma program, titled as ‘Specialist Diploma in Filmmaking –Multimedia’ offered by the school has a good demand worldwide. This is an advanced diploma level program with course duration of six months. Part time study option is also available at the First Media Design School.