Explore the ‘healthy’ and ‘safe’ career of a clinical researcher

Clinical research is the study of new drugs and its effects on human beings to come up with informative data which can be used to modify and improve that particular drug. Clinical research studies pharmacological, positive and any negative effect of drug on a human being. The study report is than used for further development of a particular drug.

Phases: There are different stages in clinical research. In the first stage, a particular drug is administered to a sample group of volunteers (strength of around 50-80 per batch) and then the effect of the drug on the volunteer’s body is studied. In the second stage, The volunteer group is increased manifold to study the effect of drug on a larger scale. On getting a positive result, they can apply for commercial license. Last stage is about surveillance the effect of drug carefully after doctors prescribed it.

Scope: Clinical research is a booming sector and is a billion dollar industry. Many students are realizing the scope of pharmacy, especially in the period of depression (when IT and finance companies are getting busted). Clinical research is safe and stable as a career option. Global clinical trials are on the rise along with ICH global standards, paving way for global demand of clinical researchers.

Eligibility: There are lots of reputed institutes for clinical research. A bachelor degree in science is mandatory, preferably life science or pharmacy, to get entry for these courses. Graduation or post graduation in biotechnology, medicine, and pharmacy among others are also appropriate background for gaining entry into these sectors.

Course basics: Clinical research is more about practical than theory. The course generally requires lot of team skills. There would be lot of group discussion, case studies and group activities along the course of the study. Some of the reputed universities imparting courses on clinical research are Cranfield University, Imperial College, Melbourne University, Institute of clinical Research, and California University and others.

Jobs: There are lots of prospect for growth in the field of career prospect. Jobs are aplenty in the field of drug testing, quality control, government organizations and also in medical KPOs among others. An aspirant must have good analytical capability and communication capability for good team handling to succeed in this field.

So, get ready for a safe and rewarding career option as a clinical researcher!