Ergonomics Education in Australian Universities

Ergonomics is the scientific study of the human factors that influence the efficiency and effectiveness of the work done by an employee in a particular work environment. This is an interesting field of study for those who love to study human beings and want to work in human resources departments of the corporate enterprises.

Ergonomics, as a professional subject  is taught in many Australian universities, notably in the famous Australian universities such as University of New South Wales; University of Queensland; Curtin University of Technology and the Victoria University of Technology.

University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales is a major education centre for ergonomics professional courses in Australia. Major ergonomics professional programs offered by the University of New South Wales are a Graduate Certificate in Ergonomics; a Graduate Diploma in Ergonomics and a Master of Science and Technology in Ergonomics program. Duration of the graduate certificate program is six months while that of the graduate diploma program is one year. Duration of the master program is 1.5 years. Cost of the program is approximately AUS $545 per credit or unit of the program and course intake is in the month of March.

University of Queensland

A Graduate Certificate in Ergonomics is offered by the University of Queensland as an online and distance learning study program and the entire course may cost AUS $11,100 approximately for an overseas student.  A Graduate Diploma in Ergonomics as well as a Master of Ergonomics program are also offered by the University of Queensland as distance learning and online study programs for the interested students. Cost of the program is approximately AUS $22,220 a year. Duration of the graduate diploma is one year while that of the master degree is about 1.5 years.

Curtin University of Technology

Two ergonomics programs available at the Curtin University of Technology are Health, Safety and Environment – Undergraduate program and Occupational Health and Safety – Postgraduate program.

Victoria University of Technology

Advanced Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety and Certificate IV in Manufacturing Technology programs are available at the Victoria University of Technology for those who wish to do a short duration program in the field of ergonomics.