Equine Sports Training Programs in UK

Equine-Sports Equine Sports Training Programs in UK are available at the University of the West of England, Myerscough College; University of Wolverhampton; Warwickshire College; South Staffordshire College and the Oatridge College, UK

University of the West of England, Bristol

A first degree program, Equine Sports Science BSc Hons is offered at the University of the West of England, Bristol for both domestic and international students. It is a full time degree program with a course length ranging from one year to three years. Course start date is in September.

University of Wolverhampton

Equine Sports Science BSc (Hons) is available at the campuses of the University of Wolverhampton too.

Myerscough College, UK

Myerscough College offers a short term certificate program “Back to Riding” for interested candidates. It is a full time training program in horse riding with duration of one week to three months depending upon the participant’s experience in horse riding.

Warwickshire College, UK

Warwickshire College conducts a few foundation degree programs for those who wish to pursue a career in horse racing industry. Horse Racing Industry – Business, Management and Practice FdA is conducted in collaboration with the Coventry University and this curse is offered as home study with attendance study mode also. Different course durations are available at different starting dates depending on the candidate’s choice of study mode and past experience in order to suit the individual client requirements. Another foundation degree program in horse racing offered at the college is Horse Racing Industry Foundation Degree program. This program may take over three years for the completion.

In addition to this, a one week duration introductory certificate program titled as ‘Horse Riding and Road Safety Certificate’ is also offered at the college for interested clients.

South Staffordshire College, UK

South Staffordshire College conducts a Bachelor of Science program in Equine Sports Science at tits Rodbaston Campus. Equine Sports Science BSc Honours Degree is a first degree program with course length ranging from one year to three years and with a course start date in the month of September.

Oatridge College, UK

An introductory level certificate program in horse racing, ‘Preparation for Racing Certificate” is available at the Oatridge College. Duration of this program is between three months and one year.