Environmental and Natural Resources Studies in New Zealand

Natural-Resources Reputed New Zealand educational institutions such as Massey University, Southern Institute of Technology, Waiariki Institute of Technology, NorthTec, the University of Auckland, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, the University of Otago, International Pacific College, Lincoln University, Victoria University of Wellington and the University of Waikato offer different academic programmes in Environmental and Natural Resources Studies for overseas applicants.

Major study programmes taught in the Massey University (http://www.massey.ac.nz) include courses like Bachelor of Natural Sciences, Bachelor of Resource and Environmental Planning, Certificate in Environmental Science, Diploma in Environmental Management, Bachelor of Environmental Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management and Master of Environmental Management.

Southern Institute of Technology (http://www.sit.ac.nz) and Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic(http://www.boppoly.ac.nz) also offer a Diploma in Environmental Management while a Certificate in Environmental Science and Resource Management is taught at the Waiariki Institute of Technology (http://www.waiariki.ac.nz)

NorthTec (http://www.northtec.ac.nz) is popular for its one year duration programmes, Diploma in Environmental Management and Certificate in Environmental Management and the University of Auckland (http://www.auckland.ac.nz) also has a one year duration Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management.

The University of Otago (http://www.otago.ac.nz) conducts two programmes in this field, Master of Regional and Resource Planning and Postgraduate Diploma in Wildlife Management while International Pacific College (http://www.ipc.ac.nz) offers a Diploma of International Studies in Environment management. The University of Waikato (http://www.waikato.ac.nz/international) has a course, Postgraduate Diploma in Resource and Environmental Planning offered for international applicants.

Another reputed university, Lincoln University (http://www.lincoln.ac.nz) offers several professional programmes in environment and resources management such as Bachelor of Environmental Management (BEM), Certificate in Natural Resources, Graduate Certificate in Resource Studies, Graduate Diploma in Resource Studies, Postgraduate Certificate in Resource Studies, Environmental Management and Design, Diploma in Natural Resources, Bachelor of Environmental Management with Honours, Master of Environmental Policy, Master of Resource Studies and Master of International Nature Conservation

Victoria University of Wellington (http://www.victoria-international.ac.nz/) is also very famous in the field of Environmental and Natural Resources Studies and major study programmes offered by the university are Master of Environmental Studies, Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Studies, Master of Conservation Biology and Master of Marine Conservation.


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