Entrepreneurship Education in Singapore

Singapore is home of some of the best management institutes in Asia and a few of the reputed entrepreneurship programs offered by them are as listed below:

Management Development Institute of Singapore

A three year duration Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Entrepreneurship and Management is available at the MDI for the overseas students. Course start date is in august.

SIM University

SIM university offers an Executive Graduate Diploma and Executive Master in Technology Entrepreneurship for an approximate educational cost of S$24000 for the entire course. Course is offered as full time courses and starts in January.

James Cook University Singapore

A Bachelor of Business – Management and Entrepreneurship is offered by JCU for a course cost of about S$41730 for the entire course. Study mode is full Time and course duration is two to three years. Start dates are in t he months of March, July and October respectively.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

A three year duration Diploma in Business Studies – Entrepreneurship Option is provided by the Ngee Ann Polytechnic for a course cost of SING $3,150 a year.

Temasek Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic offers one week long Executive Entrepreneurship Programme every year (in the month of October) for a nominal cost of SING $671 for the entire course

Nanyang Polytechnic

A part time Certificate in Entrepreneurship is available at the Nanyang Polytechnic for those who are looking for part time study options. Course duration of this program is approximately two months.

Singapore Polytechnic

Three year long Diploma in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship Option is offered by the Singapore Polytechnic for the interested clients for a course cost of about SING $3370.50 per year. Course start date is in April.

ESSEC Asian Center

One year duration post graduate level qualification, Advanced Master in Entrepreneurship is available at the ESSEC Asian Center for the overseas candidates. Cost of the program is about AUS 15000 per year and course starts in August.

Singapore Institute of Commerce

Major entrepreneurship courses provided by the Singapore Institute of Commerce  include a Bachelor of Business with Entrepreneurship and a Diploma in Entrepreneurship program.

EASB East Asia Institute of Management

A part time MBA in Entrepreneurship program is available at the EASB East Asia Institute of Management for a course cost of about SG$18750 for the entire program. Course duration is normally 1.5 years.