Egyptology Courses in Australia

Monash_University Egyptology is the study and archaeological research of ancient Egypt which includes subjects such as Egyptian history, Egyptian archeology, Egyptian arts and literature, Egyptian architecture and Egyptian languages. There are several academic programmes available in many Australian universities in the field of Egyptology. Though bachelor level professional programmes in Egyptology is rare, master level and doctoral level qualifications are offered by most of these universities.

Two major Australian universities that are world famous in the field of Egyptology educational programmes are Monash University and Macquarie University. Monash University conducts Egyptology study programmes at the Centre for Archaeology and Ancient History and address for contact is, Centre for Archaeology and Ancient History, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Email contact is

Macquarie University offers Egyptology programmes at the Ancient History Department of the School of History, Philosophy and Politics. Contact address is, Ancient History Department, School of History, Philosophy and Politics, Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Email contact is

Career aspirants must have a bachelor level qualification in humanities or archaeology for studying master level programmes and master level qualifications in Egyptology or archaeology with specializations in any of the subjects such as Egyptian language, Ancient Egypt History, Egyptian Arts, Egyptian Archaeology and Ancient Egyptian Literature for getting admission for doctoral level programmes. Duration of Master level courses is about two years while it may take minimum three to four years of university education to obtain a PhD in Egyptology.

Other admission requirements include a thorough knowledge about ancient Egyptian history, Egyptian architecture, religions, art forms and literature, customs and traditions, ancient and modern Egyptian languages such as Hieroglyphic scripts, Hieratic scripts, Demotic scripts and Coptic scripts. Candidates must also have good linguistic skills preferably in the languages such as Arabic, German and French in order to carry out advanced researches.

More information about these courses is available from university websites.