Earn High Academic Accolades with Doctorate of Education Degree Program

It is widely believed that doctorate of education degree program has all the elements to ensure a prospective career to its adherents. A PhD in Education degree throws open various career opportunities in the research and academic fields. In most cases, the possessors of this advanced education degree enter the field of academic researches and apply their findings to academic practices. PhD education also allows aspirants to be employed in major educational institutions and universities on the posts of professors.

Process of obtaining PhD in education

Lots of patience, endurance and concentration are required for individuals who dream of exploring their professional career with doctor of education degree in their pockets. The process of getting close to this advanced degree program is also a time-taking affair. People who target doctorate of education degree program must possess bachelor and master degree in the concerned field. Apart from these prerequisites, applicants must be associated with established academic career, as well. This degree program has on offer several specializations which include special education, administration and teacher leadership.

Career avenues on offer

Popular career avenues associated with PhD degree in education include the fields of research and academic. With this advanced degree program, professionals generally land in research or teaching positions in post-secondary academic institutions like college and university. According to latest survey, college professor jobs in USA are going to meet vast expansion in the years to come. Remuneration for college and university professor is also stunningly high.

Benefits of obtaining a PhD in education

From professional point of view, doctor of education degree program is known to pave way for jobs that give high respect and work freedom to the professionals concerned. Apart from it, academic posts obtained through advanced education degrees like PhD education degree get constant pay hike.

Average salary of PhD education professionals

Most people believe that monetary earning is the most striking feature of professionals with PhD in education. So, let’s have a look at the average annual salary of college teachers. Survey reveals that professionals with PhD in education get an average salary of $72,000 annually in USA.