Doctor of Archaeology courses offered at Johns Hopkins University at USA.

Department of Near Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins University was the first American University ever to offer a PhD Program. This Department had come up at Johns Hopkins University back in the year 1883.

This American University offers three doctoral courses in archaeology, one is a PhD in Assyriology and covers various relating subjects like Assyrian Dialects, Old Babylonian letters, Divination and Ritual texts, Elementary Sumerian, Advanced Sumerian, Literary and Religious texts, Elementary Akkadian, Peripheral Akkadian, Old Akkadian, Sumerian Legal texts, Treaties and Diplomacy, Neo Babylonian, Mesopotamian Seminar, Elementary Hittite and Advanced Hittite. It is mandatory for a student of this course to take up one Akkadian course in every semester of this Doctoral in Archaeology course.

The second Doctoral in Archaeology course offered by this American University is PhD in Egyptology and Egyptian Art and Archaeology. A student who chooses to pursue this course may further choose focusing on either Philology or Archaeology. The subjects that are covered under this course are Ptolemaic, Demotic, Coptic, Old Egyptian, Middle Egyptian Texts, Hieratic, Late Egyptian, Egyptian Art of old through Middle Kingdoms, Egyptian Art of the New Kingdom, Egyptian Art of the Third Intermediate Period and Late Period and Egyptian Art of the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods.

This course also includes seminars in Near Eastern History, Historical Research and Egyptian Art and Archaeology. The third Doctoral in Archaeology course offered by this American University is PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology. A student of this course turns back pages of the culture of Southwest Asia and the study extends from Neolithic to Roman periods. The concentration is however on Socio-Political and economic aspects.

Application can be sent by applying to any of the Doctoral in Archaeology courses online along with a fee of Seventy five US Dollars. The other documents required are GRE scores, Statement of financial resources, official transcripts of all studies, Letters of recommendation, Statement of purpose and samples of work. TOEFL and IELTS scores of students from non English speaking areas are considered, and if you are one such prospective student then you got to submit this before admission is offered to such a student so that he or she may then obtain a Visa certificate. The annual fee for each of these three Doctoral in Archaeology courses is US Dollars Thirty nine thousands one hundred and fifty only.