Different Career Opportunities In Journalism

Career Opportunities In Journalism Information and awareness define the times we live in. The sense of distance has shrunk among the people in different parts of the world. Thanks to news channels, we don’t miss a thing happening in the world. It has become impossible to escape from news channels or newspapers. Even in remote areas, awareness level among people is increasing.

The increasing viewership of news channels suggests that people prefer to watch news channels rather than prime time shows. News channels have shifted from mere dissemination of information to information having the flavor of entertainment. To put it in journalistic jargon, it is called infotainment. Now, readers and viewers are referred as media consumers. The battle of TRPs seems never ending.

Many universities are introducing journalism courses to attract more students and keep their universities updated with changing times. Many news organizations have opened their institutes to provide more journalism professionals in the job market. The skyrocketing information consumerism will definitely need more professionals to search for information. Journalism as a profession is only going to grow, not decline.

As the growth of journalism is imminent, the job seekers or prospective professionals should make themselves aware of the options available in the field. Like any other field, specialization is required in journalism for a brighter career. One needs to educate oneself in their area of interest.

Political journalism

Anybody who has ever aspired to become a journalist must have wanted to be a political journalist at some point of time. Political journalism deals with the coverage of all the news related to politics, civil government and issues related to political science.

Although political journalism brings a lot of prestige and honor, it requires the same level of hard work. If we go back to the history of journalism, the basic motive of journalism was political change. Given that, it is very satisfying for majority of journalists or journalism students to be a political journalist. A political journalist should have a grip on current issues, political science, history and especially, constitution. A basic knowledge of law is also essential.

Apart from having a good factual base, one should develop the ability to analyze issues. Analyzing the issue doesn’t mean providing an amalgamation of different perspectives by different personalities. One should develop his/her own perspective by examining the intricacies of an issue.

Election period is the most tiresome phase for a political journalist. Providing a unending commentary on the election results, response by voters and analysis can actually form the credibility of a political journalist among its viewers.

After having enough experience in the field, many political journalists get their editorial articles published in the newspapers. To reach that level, one will have to prove his/her intellectual caliber.

Defense journalism

Those who are interested in the military or defense can opt for defense journalism for specialization.  However, defense journalism is an area of extreme responsible and diplomatic behavior. It deals with the security of the country and requires extreme caution before reporting anything. Very few journalists become reputed defense journalists.

Even if the information is correct, not everything can be published or broadcast. Journalism is not simply about showing the truth, but it also means taking responsibility of the effect of that truth on the masses. Irresponsibility in case of defense journalism can result in a compromise with national security. Therefore, developing the ability to take right decisions in defense matters has to cultivated by being the part of the profession and having a deep know-how of the working of defense system.

Sports journalism

Journalism students who have a passion for sports are very much welcomed in this profession. The exciting atmosphere in a sports event adds thrill to the job of covering that sport. Sports journalism can be a very lucrative career for journalism professionals who want to have some fun while being on the job.

Even in sports journalism, there are specific journalists covering each sport. That means if you are interested only in cricket, then you can cover all the events related to cricket. Apart from the sport you are interested in, any basic knowledge of other sports will be an added advantage. Knowledge of sports covers its history, strategies used in different sports, noticing the behavior patterns of some important players, political as well as economic issues related to sports.

Investigative journalism

Investigative journalism is the branch of journalism that requires a deep enquiry into a particular issue. These issues generally cover corruption, crime, scandals and other wrong-doings. It is also called “watchdog journalism”.

Investigative journalism requires a rigorous training. It includes secretive reporting. Hiding ones original identity while doing investigative journalism is quite common. This is to bring out the truth that wouldn’t have been revealed in normal circumstances.

In electronic media, sting operation is a method used in investigative journalism. In this method, the journalist might have to use a hidden spy camera or microphone. For this, the investigative journalist should be well-versed with technology and must be comfortable in using it. He/she should be witty enough to get most of the information out during an encounter with the subject of investigation.

Other than sting operation, investigative journalism involves investigating loopholes in the government reports, legal documents, illegal transactions and documents pertaining to the functioning of the governance system. The foundation of investigative journalism lies heavily on evidences. Hence, an investigative journalist must be an expert in acquiring evidences and should have a strong network.

Entertainment journalism

As the term suggests, entertainment journalism covers all the news related to the entertainment business and its allied activities. Entertainment news majorly covers film industry. Writing film reviews every weekend can be a dream job for those who love watching movies. To become a film critic, one should know all the theoretical and technical aspects of films. Entertainment journalism also covers celebrity gossip, fashion industry, music industry, theater and television.

As journalism is in its growing stage, there are still developments happening in the ways journalism is done. Wikileaks is an example that almost every one of us is aware of. So, there is a lot more yet to be explored.

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