Dental Assistant is a booming career

Oral healthcare is an integral part of general health, the delivery system must be sophisticated; to achieve this dental assistant plays a vital role for any dental practice. Quality dental care and smooth functioning of a dental clinic can be attributed to dental assistants.

Role of Dental Assistants:

Dental Assistants
work connects to chair side assisting but is actively involved in different disciplines such as maintaining the records, scheduling appointments, placing order for dental materials etc. They offer patient care, sterilize and disinfect the equipments. They have to aid the dentist by settling the patient to the dentist‘s chair, prepare tray set ups for dental procedure, give instructions on oral healthcare.

They are also involved in removing sutures, remove excess filling of cement and other related work. Assist the dentist in medical and dental emergencies .They lend a hand in making impressions of the patient’s teeth and mouth, make temporary crowns etc. . They are also trained to expose x –rays. They work under the guidance of the dentists. Those with specialized training and experience are involved in tasks such as coronal polishing and restorative dentistry.

Educational Requirement:

The educational requirement to be a medical assistant is to do one year program to get Certificate or a Diploma. Two year study program in community and junior college helps to get Associate Degree.

Certification and Licensure:

To be absorbed as Dental Assistant licensure is essential. Licensure can be obtained by attending Accredited Dental Assisting Program and have to pass written or practical examination. The certificate given by the Dental Assistant (CDA) credential, governed by Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) is recognized and can help one to find job in many different states. Dental Assistants with certification in radiology should complete Radiation Health and Safety Examination or have a certified Dental Assistant Examination offered by DANB. They need licensure /certification to work.

Career growth and employment:
Most of them find opportunities in dental clinic; they can widen job opportunities by pursuing further education. They can do diversified roles such as office managers, dental assisting instructors and sales representatives for dental products or serve for insurance companies as insurance claim processors. It is one of the hottest jobs.Well trained and competent Dental Assistants have a very bright future.


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