Degree Programs in Computer and Digital Forensics

Computer forensic or digital forensic is one of the growing professional fields within law enforcement agency. Huge employment opportunities and high monetary rewards make computer forensics training a highly preferred education option. United States of America has the distinction of being the top destination that offers excellent infrastructure for computer forensics training. The country is home to some of the prestigious forensic schools that offer computer and digital forensics degree programs at various levels.

Craze for obtaining advanced level of computer forensic degrees is rather new. The educational discipline was expanded only a few years back when new avenues of computer forensics jobs were discovered. Growing uses of computer and internet have detected several sophisticated crimes and frauds. These crimes have necessitated the introduction of advanced degree programs like associate program, bachelors program and masters program in the field of computer forensic.

Some of the widely admired degree computer forensics which computer forensics online schools and traditional schools in USA have on offer includes:

Bachelors Degree in Computer Forensics

This degree program is considered to be an ideal educational milestone that allows you to grab professional opportunities in the field of digital forensics. This program is very rare. It is offered by only a few US universities. The program generally takes a period of four years to be completed. Some of the study-courses included in this program are criminal law, intrusion detection systems, and computer operating systems. Students who possess bachelors degree in computer forensics require an internship before getting admission to masters.

Masters Degree in Computer Forensics

This is the most advanced degree program in the field of digital forensics. This degree program is generally received by employed law enforcement professionals or computer security professionals in order to advance their professional skills concerning cybercrimes. The two-year education program involves course works like computer security and fraud analysis.

Associate Degree in Computer Forensics

This two-year program is ideal for individuals who want to grab initial level of job opportunities in the professional field of computer or digital forensics. This degree program also serves as one of the prerequisites of bachelor degree in the concerned field. Students studying the program are offered real world training that paves way for further educational qualification in the same trade.