Culinary Arts Education in USA

culinary-arts1 Career options for culinary students are varied and numerous. Earlier, opportunities in the filed were saturated. There was very stiff competition among industry professionals. Now, the scenario has changed. Hospitality industry has evolved into a very promising industry. It has opened lots of job avenues for the culinary students with various specializations. Students interested in culinary arts need to identify their inclinations and choose the culinary arts programs accordingly.

Culinary arts education in USA is quite popular among students across world. US culinary arts institutions offer excellent infrastructure and study environment to the students from all every background. Some of the popular culinary courses in USA include:

Fundamental culinary arts course

Fundamental culinary arts course combine practical knowledge in kitchen and in the fields. This course mainly introduces the students to the industry they are going to serve. During the course, learners are given knife skill training as well as fundamental techniques of food preparation.

Sauces, soups and stocks course

This course teaches the learners different methods of preparing sauces, soups and stocks. Students are given knowledge about clarification and reduction of stocks and preparation of at least five important soups. The course also includes three prime soup categories as well basic knowledge of meat fabrication.

Fundamental baking course

This program provides the learners core expertise of related with preparation methods of baking. Some of the activities included in this course include layout for bake shop; theory and practical knowledge of yeast bread production, quick bread production and cookies and cakes; custard and putting production; fruit production and pate choux as well puff pastry production.

Nutrition and menu planning

This course is one of the important culinary programs in USA. It offers the students basic knowledge of nutrition which is used in the industry of food service. The course teaches the learners how to modify recipes with the help of substitute preparation methods. Students are also taught to use such ingredients which have low fat as well as salt contents during the learning process.