Cruise Ship Jobs

Working on a cruise ship is a real adventurous, challenging and a thrilling job.  The cruise ship industry is growing rapidly in the recent years.  The leading cruise lines are increasing the number of fleets tremendously and many new cruise line companies are coming up spontaneously. 

Therefore the need for labor forces to be employed on the cruise ships are increasing day by day.  There is a bright scope for employment in the cruise ships and the person employed in the cruise ship is highly paid along with various other benefits.

The cruise ship is almost like a small city floating on water.  Working on a cruise ship combines the job of working on ships and star hotels.   The staffs employed on a cruise ship are categorized into two divisions.  The first category includes the employees who deal with the technical aspect like sailing, operating and maintenance of the ship.  The second category includes the hospitality and entertainment section.

There are various departments in the cruise ships.  Each department is unique in its own function and requires qualified and specialized personal to work in.  The nature of jobs and the salary differs from department to department. Here are some of the departments functioning in the cruise ships.

The Deck Department consists of deck officers, seamen, bosun and the security guards.  The deck officers have different ranks like captain, staff captain, first officer, second officer, safety and security officer.

The Engine Department consists of the engineers of various ranks like chief engineer, first, second and third engineers, electricians, fitters, plumbers and motormen.

The Information Technology Department consists of computer system managers, internet managers, and hardware and software technicians.

The Medical Department offers jobs to the medicos like doctors, nurses, lab technicians and radiologist whose service is needed when the passengers who cruise on that liner fall sick and need medical attention.

In the Cruise Staff Department the staffs are designated as cruise director, assistant director, cruise staff and activities or program coordinator.

In the Hotel Operations Department the hotel personnel like chief pursers, assistant pursers, assistant pursers, show excursion managers, receptionist are employed.

The Food and Beverage Department employs the Food and Beverage director, waiters, busboys, bartender and buffet stewards.

Another department which plays an important role in taking care of the passengers is the Housekeeping Department. The jobs involved in this department involves hospitality and customer care like room service attendants, cabin attendants, laundry staff, utility cleaner, pool attendants and floor supervisors.

The Galley Department consists of chefs, dishwashers and butchers.

The Entertainment Department employs the candidates for entertaining.  They include the on-stage entertainers like singers, dancers, comedians, guest entertainers and other behind the stage artists like stage managers, sound and light technicians etc.

There are beauty saloons in the cruise ships which provide various kinds of beauty treatments and employ qualified beauty therapists, hair stylist, massage therapists, fitness instructor etc.  The candidates specializing in beauty care course are employed in this department.

The Casino Department has their own managers, cashiers, accountants, casino dealers and slot technicians.

In addition to the monetary benefits, the employees working in a cruise ship get a wonderful opportunity to sail to different parts of the world and to see various places.  They also get an opportunity to meet people of different ethnic background and know about their culture.

Wiselin Stephen