Creative Writing and Literature Courses in Canada

University-of-British Several Canadian universities are world renowned in the field of Creative Writing and English Literature education programmes.

University of Waterloo offers BA honours in rhetoric and professional writing, BA general in English language and literature, BA Honours in English literature, BA Honours in English literature and rhetoric, BA Honours in English Rhetoric and Professional Writing, BA honours in English literature and creative writing and BA honours in English language and literature for overseas applicants.

University of British Columbia conducts Diploma in applied creative non-fiction writing, BFA in creative writing, Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, MFA in Creative Writing and MA in creative Writing.

University of Toronto is popular for BA in Professional Writing and Communication, BA in Literary Studies, BA in Literary Studies and Philosophy, BA in Writing and Rhetoric and MA in English in the Field of Creative Writing and York University is preferred for BA in Creative Writing, BA in English & Professional Writing, BA in Professional Writing and Certificate in technical and professional writing.

Other Creative Writing courses available at various Canadian universities are BA with university writing minor (University of Prince Edward Island), MA/PhD in English with creative writing option (University of Calgary), BA in English literature and creative writing and BA in English language and literature (University of Windsor), BA in creative writing, BA in English literature and BA in English and creative writing (Concordia University), Certificate in Creative Writing (McMaster University), Certificate in Professional Writing and Rhetoric (Mount Saint Vincent University), Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing (Dalhousie University and Vancouver Island University), BA/BFA in writing (University of Alberta and University of Victoria), MA in Creative Writing and English (University of Regina) and Diploma in Writing and Editing (University of Victoria).

Queen’s University, Huron University College, Brock University, Memorial University of Newfoundland and St. Thomas University are popular for English language and Literature courses such as BA/MA/PhD in English language and literature. Brock University offers MA in Studies in Comparative Literature and Arts while University of Guelph conducts a PhD Literary Studies/Theatre Studies in English. Huron University College also offers a BA in Contemporary English Literature. Other programmes available in Literature are BA in English literature (McGill University and Trent University) and BA in world literature (Simon Fraser University).


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