Coveted Degree Programs in Computer Animation

Rich career options are associated with computer animation. With the fast expansion of computer game industry, demand for skilled animation professionals is touching sky. US and Canadian universities and colleges have on offer wide numbers of undergraduate and graduate animation programs. Apart from their home students, these programs are availed by large numbers of students from Asian and European countries.

Some very popular animation degree programs offered in USA include:

Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Animation

This animation program is the proud offer of Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Students who enroll in this undergraduate program are taught through online method. At initial stage, learners of this program are offered basic knowledge of color pattern, drawing and various computer applications. Students are also taught computer graphics with the help of traditional graphics.

As the course advances, the students lean the tricks of telling stories in storyboard and scripting animation courses. By the end of this stage, students become completely familiar with background as well as scenic layout, audio-visual tools and techniques. The advanced stage includes training in video editing as well as developing audio element for animation. By the end of this program, students get enough skills to undertake complete animation projects.

Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Animation

This unique program is hot favorite with students who have high career targets in the field of animations and graphic. The online degree program is best catered by Westwood College Online. Study topics which the course covers include physics, laws of human motion, psychology of 3D and 2D characters, application of video and audio to animation project and life drawing.

Media Arts and Animation Bachelor of Arts

Large numbers of American and Canadian students prefer this bachelor program in animation. More and more aspiring students get access to this program because it is offered by The Art Institute. The popular institute offers the program at various locations across USA and Canada.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Animation

This fine arts bachelor degree in animation is offered by International Academy of Design and Technology at several locations like Detroit, Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Tampa. Some of the hot career avenues towards which this degree program can lead include film, TV production, computer game industry, interactive multimedia, medical research and industrial designing.