Corporate Enterprise: Best Choice for a Career

corporate-enterprise The globalization of the world has made the impossible possible. The quick transaction and application of cutting edge technologies in corporate enterprises have become so common that as a result new patterns of business are emerging world wide. Current business practices require skilled management professionals at the helm and there is no dearth of opportunities for them in twenty-first century corporate enterprises.

Corporate enterprise is all about making profits. In this achievement oriented profession, results are counted more than year of experience, and therefore bright and hardworking young people rise to top management positions fairly quickly.

Since most of the top level management schools have placement programmes, corporate enterprises visit their campuses during placement week with lucrative job offers to recruit the best of the lot. Upon his recruitment, a management graduate will start his career as a management trainee with a good package. Compensation package for the management graduates are among the highest in the industry.

In addition to that, every year there are chances of promotion, salary increment and performance-based bonus along with several other facilities such as low interest staff loans, medical expense reimbursement facility etc. If he is target oriented and hardworking, he will quickly rise to the level of Assistant Manager, then Deputy Manager, Manager, Senior manager, Assistant General Manager, General Manager and finally to the level of a Vice President or President of a corporate enterprise.

Areas of work: Generally there five defined functional areas in any corporate enterprise, namely, Human Resource Development, Finance and Accounting, Production and Operation, Sales and Marketing and Management Information Systems (MIS).  A manager will usually operate within one of them.

Concept of corporate enterprise: The concept of corporate enterprise is quite broad. They usually operate in any one or two or sometimes all of the domains such as International Business; Operational Research; Technology Management; Management Consultancy; Hospital Management; Hotel Management; Rural Management; Agribusiness Management; Forest Management; Disaster Management; Leisure and Event Management; Retail Management; and Logistics Management. Different types of corporate enterprises include Banks; Retailing Companies; Financial Organizations; Export-Import Companies; Multinational Companies; Advertising and Public Relations Firms and Marketing Research Firms. In short it can be stated that a management graduate has a wide range of career options available across various types of corporate enterprises.