Computer Games Programming Courses in Singapore

Games-Programming Information Technology still holds a vast potential for the employment generation with the ever increasing demand for high-end technology gadgets as well as highly entertaining computer games. Hence there exists a great scope for the well structured professional academic programmes in the field of Computer Games Programming.

There are multitudes of academic institutions that offer high quality professional programmes in Computer Games Programming. Singapore is also home of some of the reputed academic institutions such as Temasek Polytechnic; Sae Institute and the FTMS Global, Singapore where some of the excellent Computer Games Programming diploma programs are offered for overseas students.

Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore

Temasek Polytechnic is one of the oldest polytechnic institutes in Singapore and it offers a ‘Diploma in Game and Entertainment Technology’ for overseas students through its Informatics & IT School. Diploma in Game and Entertainment Technology is an advanced diploma of three year duration and is offered as full time on-campus study program. Course intake is normally in the month of April.

Sae Institute, Singapore

Sae Institute, the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) provides a Diploma of IT with the major focus on Games Programming for both national and international students. Diploma of IT-Games Programming is a one year duration full time diploma offered in the field of computer games programming. Course intakes are twice a year, i.e. in the months of April and October respectively.

FTMS Global, Singapore

FTMS Global is a world renowned Singapore academic institution with a wide variety of courses in the field of eBusiness and information technology. It also offers courses on computer games technology which are mainly conducted through its department of eBusiness and IT services. FTMS Global is a popular higher education destination for the overseas students of the Asia-Pacific region. Many students travel to the institute for doing advanced diploma programs in the field of computer games technology. The course available at the institute is titled as ‘Higher Diploma in Computer Games Technology’. This course is offered as both in part time and full time study modes. Full time diploma can be completed within two years of regular university education while a part time diploma may require minimum three years of study for its successful completion. The cost of the program is approximately SING $18,800 for the entire course.


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