College Grants

College education today has become very costly and hence a majority of students are not able to fund their academic careers. However the Federal and State governments along with many private establishments and companies have come forward to help such needy students.

The help provided by these institutions are usually in the form of scholarships, grants, student loans etc. A four year college degree at a private college today is the costliest, followed by that provided by a public University and finally the cheapest source of education can be enjoyed from the Community College system.

Education grants help college students to manage their finances better during their academic term and study carefree. College grants are different from scholarships and loans provided to students because a student doesn’t have to worry about repaying it. Education grants offered to a student also depends upon his or her immediate educational needs. Grants are offered by the Federal government, respective state governments, private institutions, companies, colleges and by universities too.

When searching for suitable grants to match your study needs, search in the following categories – related to your subject, related to the student type, related to the degree level and grants for minority and low income groups.
Federal Grants are of different types catered to the needs of different types of students from different economic backgrounds.

Some of the ever popular Federal grants are – SMART Grant (National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent) for undergraduate students of mathematics, science, computer science and engineering programs. The grant money is nearly $4000 here. The AC Grant (Academic Competitiveness) is also aimed at undergraduate students who have showed sufficient leadership skills and have performed better than others.

The most basic and popular grant however is the Pell Grant that is offered to many poor students every year since 1972. Students eligible for SMART grant and AC grant must also be eligible for the Pell grant.

State governments also offer educational grants to students based on their needs and location. Examples include those grants offered by Oklahoma, Michigan and Florida State’s office of student financial assistance. However the most popular grant category is that for Minorities such as the grants for African American men and women, Native American students, Hispanic students, Asian American students etc.