Coastal and Marine Tourism Research Program in New Zealand

coastal-n-marine-tourism Wide recognition of coastal and marine tourism throughout the world has opened unlimited career opportunities for students and professionals. New Zealand has come a long way to become one of the world’s leading centers for acquiring coastal and marine tourism education. Coastal and marine tourism research program in New Zealand combines a bunch of thematic areas which include coastal and marine tourism, wildlife watching, interpretation and education, marine parks and aquaria, cruise industry, small island hopping and community development.

The New Zealand Tourism Research Institute

The most recognized place to pursue coastal and marine tourism education program in New Zealand is The New Zealand Tourism Research Institute. It is run by The Auckland University of Technology. The institute is supposed to be the hub of coastal and marine tourism study in New Zealand. Research scholars from across the world flock to the institute for their research works and for the solution of their innovative research.

Utilization of the research

The outcomes of the researches spearheaded by scholars at the institute are mostly availed by government, community and business. These organizations use the research for their business, sustainability and profitability of the community. Research scholars of this institute are offered key positions in relevant industry.

Aim of the institute

Developing a sustainable as well as profitable industry is prime aim of this prestigious research institute. It is quite committed in providing the research solutions to its clients. The institute has its clients throughout the world. The innovative research solutions have been catering to the wide needs of these clients. Besides it, the research solutions are also offered to boost up the academic development of the postgraduate students of the institute.

Areas of focus

Coastal and marine tourism researches conducted at the institute follow certain areas of interest. A few of the areas which the researches focus include marine wildlife tourism, conservation and management with the help of interpretation and education as well as recreation and tourism impact on marine environments.