Choosing a Computer Science post graduation course at Malaysia

If you plan to select Malaysia to study Computer science at Post graduate level, then you have to first narrow down from the many options offered by nine Malaysian Universities that offer this course. Next you have to finalize on how much time you can dedicate for your classes. Based on that you can choose whichever mode of study that is convenient for you. These Universities offer both part time and full time modes of study.

Then you need to finalize your specialization in Master of Computer Science, because there are many options available. ‘Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka’ is one University that came up on 1st of December, 2000. This University offers eight Postgraduate courses offering a Master of Computer Science degree. Separate part time and a full time course are offered in each of the four streams of Computer Science namely Database Technology, Internetworking Technology, Security systems and Software Engineering and Intelligence.

‘Universiti Sains Malaysia’ offers ten Master of Science courses, out of which four are in the Geomatic and management stream. Out of these four, two are full time courses of one and three years each. The remaining two are part time courses of two and six years each. There are two courses, one part time and another full time that is offered under each of the Computer Science streams of Embedded Systems Design, Image Processing and Neural Networks.

‘Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’ is a University with Master level courses being offered in eleven streams of Computer Science. The eleven streams are Information System, Modelling and Simulation, Human-Computer interaction, Software Engineering, Scientific Computing,Text and Data Mining, Patial Analysis and Modelling for GIS, Neural Networks, Network and communications, Computational Science and Digital Systems. Each of these eleven courses is offered both under part time and full time modes and that is what constitutes twenty two courses that are offered by ‘Universiti Malaysia Sarawak’.

Another Malaysian University to consider is ‘Universiti Putra Malaysia’, this University offers Master’s level programme in Geomatic Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Multimedia Systems Engineering, Communication and Networks Systems Engineering, Embedded and Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineering and Wireless Communication Systems Engineering. Few other Malaysian Universities that you could consider studying Computer Science at Master level are ‘Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya’, ‘Universiti Malaysia Sabah’ , ‘Universiti Malaysia Pahang’, ‘Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’ and ‘International Islamic University Malaysia’.