Choose A Career As A Professional Microbiologist

microbiologist Microbiology is the science which deals with the microorganisms such as algae, bacteria, moulds, protozoa, fungi, yeasts and viruses. There are both harmful and beneficial microbes on the earth. There are certain microbes which cause infectious diseases while some others are used as a source of the antibiotics. Some cause food spoilage while others are responsible for nitrogen fixation from the atmosphere. In other words, it can be said that microbiology is an interesting branch of science.

To be a successful microbiologist one should have relevant qualifications in this field such as bachelors or masters or doctorate degree in microbiology. Various specializations available in this field are bacteriology; mycology; and virology. Plenty of jobs are available for microbiologists in research and development organizations, academic institutions; medical and pharmaceutical industry; food and beverage industry and corporate firms.

Research and development organizations: Employment opportunities are available for microbiologists as laboratory assistants; research assistants, research associates, research managers, etc. Candidates with high academic qualifications are absorbed as scientists, scientific instructors, directors etc.

Food and beverage industry: Career options available in this field are as industrial or environmental microbiologists, quality assurance technologists, quality managers etc.

Medical and pharmaceutical industry: Highly experienced microbiologists are absorbed as Clinical and veterinary microbiologists, medical technologists, and specialists such as bacteriologist and virologist.

Academic institutions: Highly qualified microbiologists can work as Academic instructors; University professor; Academic science administrators etc.

Corporate firms: Microbiologists are recruited in corporate biotechnology firms and agribusiness firms as corporate executives also.

Microbiologists can specialize in a particular branch of microbiology and accordingly choose their career path. For example Medical Microbiologists work only in the medical field dealing with human diseases, Agricultural Microbiologists work in agriculture field dealing with plant diseases, and Industrial microbiologists work with industries while a Marine microbiologist deals with the marine microbes. There is another branch of microbiology known as General microbiology which focuses on the fundamental features of the microbes.


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    I am a senior teacher in medical microbiology qualified with MD Medical Microbiology, wish to to know wether opportunites for a teacher hospital in africa in a englush speaking university. My present age is 62 years expereince is 25 years