Change The Face Of Food Industry As A Food Technologist

food-processing The consumption culture is slowly paving way to new trends of food habits which gradually translates into an ever increasing demand for packaged, processed, and ready to eat foods. Food processing industry is one of most technology-oriented industries and every day new inventions and technologies are brought out in this field.

Food processing industry comprises of various processes such as quality management, primary and secondary processing, preservation, packaging and labeling of various products such as confectionery products, dairy products, fish products, meat & poultry products, fruit & vegetable products; foodgrains etc. This is comparatively a vast field and various positions are available with corporate firms which are active in the fields of food processing, food preservation, food packaging and food labeling. Since this sector is highly research-oriented, several positions are available with various food research and development organizations. For people having good leadership and technical skills, entrepreneurship is a very good career option.

Minimum eligibility to apply for these positions is at least a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in food technology or food science. Sometimes, a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in home science or nutrition management is also considered. These courses are offered at various state agricultural universities, and food research institutes.

Major career options available in the corporate sector are food quality controller, production manager; product head; packaging manager and research officer.

Production Managers: They are responsible for all the processes in the manufacturing plants, right from procurement of raw materials to the production of the finished products.

Quality Controllers: They are responsible for ensuring and certifying the quality of raw materials as well as finished products.

Laboratory Supervisors: They are responsible for supervising food quality tests prior to product release.

Food Packaging Managers: They are responsible for the research and development of new food packaging and labeling systems

Research Scientists: They are responsible for the ongoing research and development programmes within the industry.

Product Heads: They are responsible for the improvement of the existing food products as well as for the development of new products.

Qualified food technologists are also required by various academic and research institutions for the positions of associate/assistant professors, research associates/scientists etc.