Catering as a Career

Serving those in need and feeding the hungry is a noble task; few people are called to provide this service.Hence, we have caterers! People who choose this profession ‘cater’ to the needs of those who require their services. Catering involves more than just cooking delicious food. A caterer feeds hundreds, sometimes thousands of people and this is a huge responsibility.

A caterer has to meet the required health and sanitation standards to obtain a professional license. Caterers supervise the serving of the food – the manner, technique, medium (tableware) and location (place to set up). In addition, there’s coordination with clients, endless planning and preparation, constant vigilance during the event itself and handling the finances, sales and marketing.

Study to become a caterer:

Desire and a flair for catering is an important prerequisite for entering the profession. Academic achievements improve the quality of your service and impart useful knowledge and skills essential for caterers. One can do a certificate course in culinary skills. A full-time degree course in nutrition, hospitality management, or event planning can also provide the foundation necessary for a catering business. A postgraduate and doctoral degree in hospitality management gives a thorough training in the field.

Work as a caterer:

Initially, an individual who desires to become a caterer or is studying for the same can apply for work in catering companies, restaurants and hotels. He or she can gain then sufficient experience of the profession.

Opening one’s own catering business requires ample funds and a license to run the business. Even those who operate small businesses from their own homes need to adhere to the regulations prescribed by their state or city for such professions.The working hours can be flexible depending on the events. Aspiring caterers should be prepared for late nights, overtime hours and hectic schedules.


Understandably, the most important skill required for catering is cooking. Interpersonal skills are also very important along with excellent customer service skills. A course in business management would provide the required knowledge and skills required to handle one’s catering business.

Earnings from the catering business vary according to the jobs received. Working in a particular catering company could generate a fixed income. On the other hand, independent caterers’ wages depend on how much business they acquire.