Careers In The Field Of Architecture

The field of architecture offers an exciting career. There are many colleges in US which offer a degree in architecture. The program duration of these courses is usually of four to five years.

After doing this degree, you can enter into many exciting fields. It may be in the field of architecture, it may be in the field of industrial design or you can also be employed in the field of urban planning. The career opportunities are exciting in the field of architecture.

Who can get into this field? This field can be entered by those who have a liking for art and design. The aspirants of this field should also be good in Physics and in Math. The students have to go under training in the field of Graphics art, structural physics and environmental design.

Therefore creativity is a must in this field; many of the colleges will require a two years degree in the field of creativity. Though you can just do graduation in the field and join as architects and industrial designers but it is recommended that you do a post graduation in the field to acquire better skills to be successful in this area.

Here are the careers which you can have after doing a degree in architecture:
As an architect you will be involved in the design of commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. Majority of the time of an architect goes in consulting with the clients and designing the blue prints of the buildings.

They also may have to work with the engineers to understand the technical aspects of the buildings which may require understanding of heating, ventilation and elevator systems. They also need to solve the design problems from time to time. This is a rewarding job and you can earn up to $ 80000 annually from a job of an architect.

You can also join as an industrial designer. Industrial designers work in the field of product designs. The job may be of a car model designer or an entertainment system designer.

The job of an industrial designer is to give an aesthetic value to the products so that it becomes a more marketable product. The industrial designer needs to have a good knowledge of CAD that is Computer Assisted designing. He should be creative and should possess good communication skills to excel in the field.



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