Careers After Doing Microsoft Certification Programs

Getting a Microsoft Certification is always an advantage. After all Microsoft is the biggest and most influential software company in the world.

The domination of Microsoft in the field of software is such that anyone trying to make a career in the field of information technology has to understand Microsoft platforms.

You will get knowledge and expertise to become a network system administrator. Apart from this you can also have a career as a help desk technician or as a computer repair technician.

Let understand first about Microsoft certification. Microsoft as you might know is the largest software corporation and it sales well exceeding over 40 billion US dollars. The most popular software offered by Microsoft is its Windows program and the Microsoft Office Suite. The organization also runs a number of certification programs.

The following programs are run by Microsoft:

The Database administrator program
The certified Systems Engineer program
The certified desktop Support technician program
The certified professional developer program.

You will have a number of career opportunities after doing these programs. It all depends upon the certification programs which you have completed.

As a network Systems administrators design, you will have the tasks of establishing the local area network, Wide Area Network, Internet and Ethernet systems. These are important functions is an office set up and the person responsible for this task should look that the things are working in a proper way.

If there are problems in the system then the network administrator must be able to resolve it at the earliest. The working environment for this job is extremely good and the jobs are mainly office based. You can get up to $60000 per annum for this job.

The job of a help desk technician is to solve the problems coming in the hardware and software.  Mostly persons employed in this task will be required to answer the queries of customers as well as his office colleagues.

They may also have to physically go to the system and solve the problem. You can be employed by many organizations for this job. For example, you can be employed by a school, a software publisher or any management company. The salaries range from $ 40000 to $60000 for this job.

You can also be employed as a Computer Repair technician after doing this course.


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