Career Prospectus for Chemistry Graduates

chemistry-graduates Chemistry is a basic science discipline which deals with the study of the elements, compounds and chemical reactions of these compounds. A person professionally trained in chemistry is known as a chemist. Chemistry as a basic subject is offered in all leading universities at bachelor, master and doctoral level. There are lots of specializations of chemistry are available at master and doctoral level such as organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, agricultural chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer engineering and so on.

With the bachelor’s degree in chemistry, you can join a chemical or fertilizer manufacturing plant where you can prepare chemicals as a chemist or supervise manufacturing process as a production supervisor. There are plenty of jobs in pharmaceutical and drug industry also where you can be a part of manufacturing and marketing of medicines and drugs as a marketing executive or a medical representative.

A master’s or doctoral degree with various specializations opens up far more options in academic and research institutions where you can work as a chemical scientist or a research officer or a professor. With a master’s degree and a bachelor in education you can join schools and colleges as teachers, lecturers and professors in chemistry. People with M.Sc. biochemistry are offered the positions of quality controllers and quality managers in food processing plants.

Career options available in this field are depending on the specialization you have. You can work as “chemist-polymer testing” if your specialization is in polymer chemistry; as ‘production chemists” if your specialization is in Organic Chemistry. Analytical chemistry graduates can work as lab chemists and analytical chemists.

Candidates with M. Tech in chemical engineering can easily find a high profile career as chemical engineers and same is true in the case of candidates with M.Tech in polymer engineering. They can work as polymer engineers in textiles and polymer industry.