Career Prospects for Certified Wedding Planners

Wedding-Planners Wedding and bridal industry in USA generates billions of dollars as annual revenues. There are high career prospects for certified wedding planners in the country. Most of the aspirants who wish to pursue wedding planning as career option envisage to launch their own business. Besides it, the profession also offers wide job options to the aspiring students who pursue certification course of wedding planning. These factors combine to make wedding planning profession a hot career option not only in USA but also in other countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK.

Job specification of wedding planners

Roles of certified wedding planners are diverse. These professionals have to manage and take care of everything that is required from the beginning to the end of the wedding ceremony. Some of the key responsibilities which wedding planners are required to perform include making, receiving and confirming phone calls of clients as well as vendors, fixing appointments
for their clients with vendors, helping clients to bring forth innovative ideas and plans and assisting clients in the selection of wedding gowns.

Professional requirements

Wedding planning professionals must be cool minded people with excellent negotiating skills. They act as representatives of their clients [brides or grooms] at occasions when photographers are hired or bouquets and flowers are ordered. Their main aim is to arrange best services for their clients at reasonable and competitive prices.

Educational requirements

Several factors get involved in the job of wedding planning. It is not only educational training that qualifies you to the job. Getting knowledge and experience is equally important. There are certain institutes which offer certification and diploma courses in wedding planning. It is easy for a certified professional to launch his or her own wedding planning company. The best way to educate yourself about the job is to bag an apprenticeship in a wedding planning firm.


Recent survey has revealed that wedding planners in USA are being paid 10% to 15% of the total wedding cost. Average expenditure on a wedding in USA is about 19,000 dollars. So, average remuneration of a wedding planner comes around 1900 dollars to 2850 dollars in a single event.