Career Options in the Field of Law

There are lots of career options in the field of law, like any other field. It is not necessary to get stuck in the same office or firm and handle the same case every year.

Studying law doesn’t mean you have to necessarily end up as a solicitor or barrister. If you have decided to pursue a career in law, you have plenty of options to choose from. Focus on your passion and interests and choose law career that suits you best. Excel the career path that gives you full satisfaction.

Here are the options in the field of law that you can excel in as your career or expertise yourself to satisfy your passion.

1. Public Service

If you are interested in serving public interest after becoming a law graduate and work as an administrator, you will have apply to any state or federal public service provider. The lawyer who wants to serve the public can become a project manager and provide legal service or can become a policy officer.

2. Business Sector

Business world today also needs legal help for solving complex legal issues. For serving this purpose, these big business companies and international business houses hire company lawyers. Due to rise in global business, demands for corporate lawyers and in house lawyers are huge. You can choose banking sector, telecommunication, banking, mining or any other sector for your career as in-house lawyer.

3. Legal Research

If you have pursued your studies in law but are not very much interested in handling lot of responsibilities and paper work or manage a law firm in regular office setting, then you can work as a law researcher, which is quite adventurous and exciting job in the legal context. This job invites challenges and more action than a professional lawyer’s job and is more satisfying for many people.

4. NGO

Working with NGOs as a lawyer is quite satisfying. These humanitarian and charitable organizations need the help of lawyers to settle many disputes and problems.

These social service agencies mostly work for poor and helpless people. If you are interested to work for unprivileged people, this is a right kind of law career for you.

There are endless opportunities to decide a career path in law. Choose the one that satisfies your passion and need.

Preeti Mehta