Career Options in Disaster Management

disaster-management Disaster management is the practice of successful management of natural and man made calamities, accidents, debacles and complete system failures such as earthquakes, tsunami, drought, air accidents, railway accidents, fire outbreak, chemical disasters, biological disasters and nuclear disasters. The major objective of disaster management is to reduce the adverse effects of a disaster on the affected community and to help them return to normal life within the shortest possible time.

Disaster management activities include research and analysis of disaster risks, planning strategies to reduce the risk, conducting public awareness programmes and so on. It also includes activities such as undertaking evacuation, rescue, relief and rehabilitation operations when disasters strike a locality or a community.

There are several academic institutions world wide which provide education and professional training in disaster management such as Certificate programme in Disaster Management (CDM) and PG Diploma programme in Disaster Management (PGDDM). Professional online degree programs are offered by universities such as Walden University, Kaplan University, Touro University International, Grand Canyon University and Jacksonville State University. The United Nations also conduct Disaster Management Training Programme (DMTP) and details are available on about.htm.

Major responsibilities of professional disaster management personnel include extending logistics support to the authorities involved in disaster management, managing the distribution of food and other basic necessities to the people affected by the disasters, coordinating the provision of medical care to the injured people etc.

Career opportunities majorly exist in disaster management departments of government agencies such as fire departments, drought management departments, law enforcement authorities, relief agencies etc. NGOs and International organizations such United Nations Organisation also recruits professionally trained disaster management professionals for conducting training and workshops on disaster management to the general public and for other related activities. .

Employment opportunities available in private sector are mainly in the areas of disaster recovery planning, disaster management, disaster mitigation and rehabilitation. Disaster management professionals can also work as social workers, environment experts, rehabilitation workers etc.