Career Options in Computer Animation

Global animation industry today has become a billion dollar industry. This industry shares large numbers of jobs that are happening in computer graphic and multimedia sector presently. There are several specializations within animation industry. Each of these specializations offers individual animation career to aspiring students.

Some of these specializations in animation include 3D animation, 2D animation, character design, special FX creator, game designer, animator and interaction designer.

Popular career paths

Animation careers involve unlimited job options. Popular career paths which are on offer in computer animation industry include video game animation, film and television production, Internet, cartoon animation and online advertisement.

Video game animation

Success of animation industry owes much to the growing popularity of video game animation. All the video games that we have around are produced by skilled and qualified animators. This industry promises unlimited growth options to students who opt it as their future career.

Film and television production

Much of the film and television production depends on animation. Animation professionals who are associated with film and television production are generally required to produce character animations [cartoons], special effect, logo and more. Craze for 3D films is going higher and higher. Recent successes of 3D movies like Lord of the Rings and Finding Nemo have lifted the career opportunities in 3D animation considerably.


With constant expansion of Internet, the prospects of animation and flash animation are also growing high. Regular emergence of new websites and online ads has paved way for considerable growth of animation. Therefore, Internet has become potential career field for animation career.

Education and skill

Generally, entry level job positions in any of the fields dominated by computer animation require bachelor’s degree program in concerned fields like media or fine arts. Large numbers of animation schools – booth online and on-the-campus – have come up in recent years. These schools include specialized and tailor-made animation programs as well as courses in associated technologies.

Apart from education and training, other things that count in the making of a successful animator include powerful artistic skills and firm familiarity with animation technologies. Creativity and effective communication skills are other qualities that can promote you to the high ladder of success in the field of computer animation.


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