Career Options in Celebrity Management

celebrity-PA Celebrity Management is  the management of all public activities of celebrity persons such as movie actors and actresses; super models; rock stars; sports persons; celebrity writers; business tycoons; media personalities; politicians and other such celebrities.

Celebrity management is an emerging career field with plenty of promises of a luxury lifestyle, lucrative compensation package, high profile contacts and above all a glamorous working environment.

Candidates who are aspiring to be Celebrity Managers must have a well groomed personality along with good communication and interpersonal skills. They should also have good time management skills, public relations and networking skills and pleasing mannerisms. Though specific academic qualifications are not required for this position, candidates with a degree in Public Relations and Mass Communications are often preferred for the position of a Celebrity Manager.

Though professional courses in Celebrity Management are very rare, there are a few personality grooming institutes that train students in celebrity management skills such as time management, party planning; party organizing, personal shopping; celebrity home management; celebrity office management etc.

A Celebrity Manager may act as a Celebrity Personal Assistant (PA) by being responsible for the management of all aspects of a celebrity’s professional life. Major responsibilities of a Celebrity PA include functions such as negotiating project contracts, planning and managing time schedules according to the celebrity availability, contacting media for press conferences, managing all advertising and marketing campaigns related to the celebrity, correspondence with the celebrity fans and well wishers, maintaining relationships and contacts on celebrity’s behalf and similar other responsibilities.

Various career positions available in the field of Celebrity Management include Celebrity Media Managers; Celebrity Press Managers; Sports Celebrity Managers; Celebrity Events Coordinator; Celebrity Project Managers and so on.

Sometimes, professionally trained people in various fields such as professional lawyers, professional doctors, professional physical trainers etc are also recruited by famous celebrity personalities exclusively for taking care of their requirements.