Career Options in Book Publishing

Book-Publishing Publishing is the process of converting a writer’s manuscript into a finished marketable product by organizing various functions such as editing, proof reading; designing, production, advertising, publicity and marketing.

The job of a publisher includes proofreading the manuscripts; selection of the best manuscripts; preparation of the selected manuscripts for final printing by designing the appearance of the final products; monitoring and guiding the printing and binding processes and finally marketing them in the appropriate time. Publishing houses can specialize in Text Books and Academic books; Novels and Poems; Periodicals and Journals; Art books; Children’s Books; Feminist Books and so on.

Book publishing career is best suited for the candidates who have a genuine love of books, good writing skills; sound judgment and high creativity levels. Career aspirants need to have a relevant qualification in book publishing to start a career in this field. There are several academic institutions that offer degree and post graduate courses in journalism and book publishing.

For entry level positions, short term diploma and certificate level courses are also considered. Major diploma level courses available in book publishing are two year Diploma in Press management; one year P.G. Diploma in Printing and Publishing; two year P.G. Diploma in Printing technology and Management; Short term diploma and certificate courses in E publishing and Desk Top Publishing; three months post graduate course in book publishing; four week short term training courses in book publishing and one year certificate course in Book Binding and Finishing.

Candidates with professional qualifications in journalism and book publishing are recruited by private publishing houses; publication department of government agencies; information and broadcasting agencies; education and cultural organizations etc. Major career choices available in this industry are Publishers; Writers; Editors; Copy Editors; DTP Operators, Page makers, Designers, Cameramen, Printers and Binders; Proof Readers; Subject Matter Experts and so on.