Career Options in Aquatics

Aquatic-Sports The word “aquatics” means “anything related to the water”. People who are looking for careers in aquatics must consider a career option either in Aquatic Sciences or in Aquatic Sports as these two are the major sectors that employ professionals with relevant qualifications in Aquatics.

Aquatic Science is a vast field which includes a variety of subjects such as Marine Science, Marine Biology, Aquatic Biology, Aquatic Ecology, Marine Biotechnology, Marine Geology and Marine Ecology. There are numerous career options are available in this field for right candidates. Various career positions available in the field of aquatics sciences are as Marine Scientists; Marine Biologists; Aquatic Scientists; Aquatic Biologists; Marine Ecologists; Aquatic Ecologists; Marine Biotechnologists, Aquatic Biotechnologists, Oceanographers, Marine Geologists, Aquatic Geologists, Marine Architects, Underwater Archaeologists, Marine Science Writers, Aquarium Educators or Aquarists, Aquarium Consultants and so on.

Aquatic Scientists or Marine Scientists: They are highly qualified academic professionals in Marine Science or Aquatic Science. Their job involves research studies of various aspects of aquatic and marine life.

Marine Biotechnologists: They are engaged in the research and development of human medicines using marine organisms.

Marine Ecologists or Marine Environmentalists: They are engaged in the activities related to the protection and safety of marine life from human encroachment.

Aquarium Educators or Aquarists: They are the aquatic professionals who are interested in growing and collecting aquariums for commercial purposes as well as educational purposes and then displaying them in public aquariums, museums etc for marketing and educational purposes.

Aquatic Sports, most of the time, is associated with the word “adventure water sports“. This sector includes water sports such as Scuba Diving, Water Surfing, Swimming, Water Football etc. Career positions available in the field of aquatic sports are as Swimming Pool Operator, Professional Lifeguard, Coast Guard, Swimming Instructor, Scuba Instructor, Dive Shop Operator, Coach of Water Sports, Instructor of Water Sports etc.