Career Options For Science Stream Graduates

Although science graduates can very well fit into quite lot number of professions.

However there are some fields which demands specialized areas graduates. Let’s look into some of them and hope some just passed out science graduates shall find them interesting.

Actuarial science: Since there are various insurance policies and projects coming up due to increasing demand, actuarial science is gaining lot of popularity. In this felid there is scope to perform the task for calculating the insurance risk, premium and pension programs.

In order to peruse in this felid, it is necessary to be science graduate and one must have Math and statistics as specialized subject with more that 80% marks.

Actuaries can find job in any felid where insurance term risk is there whether service or manufacturing sector. Insurance companies, consulting firms, Employee benefit department of corporate, banks, financial institutions or any investment firm can give you vocation and one can make great money from this vocation.

Astronomy: This felid is related to conducting the research work in Space, planets and solar system. This felid has been divided into two parts Astronomical research; under this felid one has to perform the research work of different planets temperature, formation basics, specialties and changes occurring. Finally, scrutinizing the data for further discussions and study.

Second is Physics: Physics fundamental is science and if you choose to be physicists you can step into the highly knowledgeable and specialized world of astrophysics, geophysics, medical physics, nuclear physics, Meteorology and biophysics.

Scope of Physics resides in creating the autonomic power, energy, missiles or space craft. However one can begin with research and development field. However if one wish to advance in this felid only graduation or post graduation is not sufficient one has to peruse for doctorate in physics and any specialized felid. With growing time scope in this felid is increasing and one has all the possibilities to work in any part of the world.

Bioinformatics: This is new face of science which is combination of Information technology and biotechnology. Under this felid with the help of various computer software, database creating, management, mining and analysis has been done.

Those who have opted for post graduation studies they can specialize in Bio science technology. Under the degree programs one has been trained in biological systems, math, statistics, biological data box, computer networking, bimolecular structure, C programming, HTML etc.

This field in gaining popularity rapidly and one has immense scope to find job in various research, biological and medicines institutions. Lot of pharmaceutical companies are appointing Bioinformatics specialists with very good remuneration package.